Monday, 28 September 2009

What will you Celebrate?

In Australia, last Saturday was the Grand Final of our major football code. At the end of the game there were a lot of celebrations by the victors and their supporters. It was the end of a huge amount of effort over the year, a lot of training, focus and sacrifice for their goal. The team that didn't win would have put the same amount of effort, focus and sacrifice - but they were not celebrating.

Don't forget how hard it is to ALMOST reach your goals. It is easy to get in to blame mode (what the coach did or didn't do), to punish mode (I am not supporting them next year) or give up mode (that's it - I no longer care about the game!).

We do the same with our own goals. We may get 98% of the way there and not quite achieve them. That is no reason to blame, punish or give up! It is a reason to review what worked and what didn't. Look at what you can do to improve and also a reason to celebrate. I believe that if you make celebrating success a habit, success becomes a habit. Don't focus on the 2% you didn't achieve, focus on the great things you have achieved. (Some days that can be just turning up to work!!)

Wifey and I celebrated 3 years since our first date on the weekend. Someone asked me why celebrate that, I replied, "Why not! It's a milestone". So happy 3rd dating anniversary wifey!! For everyone else, what will you celebrate today?