Monday, 29 March 2010

Is it Too Hard?

Is it too hard?

We face difficult and challenging situations every day.  Whether it is confronting your boss, negotiating a deal, stating an unpopular perspective or making a difficult life choice, we face these situations regularly.

These are tough choices.  But you have to ask yourself, is it too hard?

If you choose not to do something because you don't want to, that's fine but to not doing it because it is too hard is the easy way out.  It is doing the hard thing that builds our strength.  It is facing the challenge that builds our self esteem regardless of the outcome.

When you are faced with a challenging situation, do you avoid it because you don't want to decide or because it's too hard?

I urge you not to take the easy way out.

Monday, 8 March 2010

What about Others?

What about others?

It is very easy to get hung up about how things are for you in a situation, but what about others?

Melbourne recently got hit by a hail storm and unfortunately, wifey and I got caught in it in our 2 week old car.  The car now has serious dents all over it (only the drivers door was spared) and it will now have to be fixed. While that is disappointing and frustrating for us, what about others?

I saw one guy trying to stop water from flooding up the driveway and into his house.  Wifey's relatives have had their patio roof smashed, the TV has images of peoples with their ceilings caved in and others got physically injured by hail at an outdoor festival - so we got off very lightly.

Next time you have a situation, stop to think "What about others?"  

* If you have an irate customer, how would things be from their perspective?
* If you have a disagreement with a colleague, what is the impact of the situation on them?
* If a friend is not doing or saying what you want, what is going on for them?

Considering the situation from different angles helps you get a better and healthier perspective on your own situation and helps you focus on the solution and not the pain or discomfort of your own situation

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

What does the "X" stand for in TEDx

I have been given the honour of being the Master of Ceremonies for the third TEDx Melbourne session on Saturday March 13th at RMIT. For those of you who are not familiar with TED, it stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Presentations of up to 18 minutes are given by leaders in their fields. Check out and see for yourself some of the presentations.

In Melbourne, we have TEDx. It is slightly different in that the "X" signifies that this is not an official TED event but an independently organized event. Having been involved in the second TEDx Melbourne session, I have another perspective. I reckon the "X" also stands for the following:

  • X-citement - People get fired up not just by the presentations but the conversations after.
  • X-traordinary - Just mixing with people who have a similar interest in stretching their mind exposes you to some amazing people and ideas.
  • X-ray vision - Ok...perhaps we are not all Superman but the ideas shared can give you an idea into the future or at least your own future.
  • Finally there is the X-factor. The mysterious "A-ha moment" or idea or contact or conversation or unknown thing that you get just from rubbing shoulders with other TEDsters.

If you are interested in coming along, visit the facebook page HERE with all the details and instructions for the day.

So my question for you is, what will you bring to TEDx Melbourne to share with others?

See you there!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Take it ALL!

Are you one of these people who wear their annual leave entitlement like a badge of honour?

"I've got 23 weeks of annual leave owing - I haven't had a real holiday in FIVE YEARS!!"

Surely you have met people like this in your work place or know someone like it?

In Australia we get four weeks of annual leave allocated every year - different countries get more than this and others get less. My challenge to you is to make sure you take all of your allocated leave in the year it is allocated. Our bodies and our minds need the time off to relax and renew. This also revives our spirit and sense of well being. So book your leave in now before your colleagues takes the good slots available!!

Are you up to the challenge?