Tuesday, 26 February 2013

How Do You Move?

Moving Trolley
I learnt a long time ago that you never move FROM a place, you move TO a place.

What I mean by that is that when you move always consider what you need in the new place. Too many people pack everything in boxes, get to the new location and find out that they don't need everything they have moved or boxes sit unpacked for years and you don't miss what is in the box.

It could be a change of office, house or even position in the company. Decide what you will need in the new place and only take what you need with you. The rest can be recycled, handed on or thrown away.

So how do you move?

Time to practice what I preach.

I am moving office. As such, I have some old products that I don't want to take with me. Some will no longer be available and others I just don't want to transport! So I thought I would have a moving sale and give you the chance at some bargains.

Here is what's available:


Agents of Action - the everyday diaries of the new age entrepreneur Book $29 $12 $17 35
Get More From Choice CD - Tips on how to choose the right path for you CD $39 $15 $24 10
Get More From Change CDs - How to embrace change. Wanted or not! 2 CDs $69 $22 $47 28
Get More Power Pack - 8 CDs motivating you to success    8 CDs $395 $195 $200 3
Get More Business Success - 12 CD pack with Expert Tips 12 CDs $597 $297 $300 16

For more detail on each item, click on the name and it will take you to the order page.
Be quick! Limited stock and I am moving in the next 10 days!

PS Let me make it easier for you. I will even pay the postage!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A New Secret!

People often search for the secret to:
  • Learning new skills
  • Business success
  • Happy marriage
  • Property investing
  • Creating the perfect meal
  • On stage performance, and
  • Many other things.

This is a lesson I got from my Bass teacher Aurora Jane. She said you have to have the right "Bass Face."
I think the lesson transfers to everything.

What do you think?


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Can They Hear You?

Too often people stay quiet. They have an idea, a thought, an opinion, a need or a want but it goes unsaid.

Their internal voice can say, "don't want to make a fool of myself", "the boss will know better", "they probably have already thought of that", "who am I to say these things?" or "I couldn't be bothered trying to be heard."

You owe it to yourself to speak out and speak up. Even if no action is taken, the act of speaking up is a huge boost to your esteem.

So what do you really want to say?

Speak up so we can all hear you.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Who's Your Number One Fan?

Number 1
Today's post is dedicated to Wifey.

She had a big birthday on the weekend (one with a zero in it!) and it made me think about all the raving fans I have but most importantly, my Number One Fan. 

Wifey is my Number One Fan. There is so much she does for me:  
  • She is my number one cheerleader (sometimes with dancing!)
  • She is ready to give me a pat on the back or a kick up the bum when I need 
  • She listens when I need to talk
  • She tells me when I should listen (I'm not too good at that!)
  • She tells me to go out and play when I have been cooped up and start babbling
  • She loves me for all my faults
  • She laughs at my jokes (even though she has heard them soooo many times)
  • She makes me feel safe when I am scared
  • She gets me chicken soup when I am sick
  • She hugs me when I need it (and even when I don't)
  • She listens to my rants
  • She gives me Cans when all I have is Cants
  • She feeds me when I am hungry
  • She teaches me words I don't know
  • She shows me things I never thought possible
  • She shares her friends with me
  • She doubles my joy
  • She halves my pain
  • She takes me to hospital when I need (even when she had a broken arm herself)
  • She tells me when my outfit shouldn't leave the house unless it is going in the bin
  • She tells me I am handsome when I have my doubts
  • She mends hurts when I hurt
  • She keeps me going when I feel like quitting
  • She gives the best kisses
  • She loves me for me
So from the bottom of my heart, it is with thanks and gratitude that I dedicate this post and my love to my Number One Fan.

Happy Birthday Wifey!

PS If you are one of the people who wants to get upset about me referring to her as "Wifey" then you need to know she loves the title. She loves the anonymity it gives her and she appreciates your consideration.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How Do You Measure Success?

Be honest, how do you measure success. Not how do you think you should measure it, but how you really do. Typically it is by money. Sometimes it is by the impact you have on others and other times it is purely how you feel.

Success is worth considering. What it is, what it means to you and how it drives you.

Too often in the business world people don't measure success because it is too hard. In particular this happens in the Exhibiting and Event Sponsorship world. Thousands are spent and then written off as a "Branding" exercise.

So what is success for you and how will you measure it?

PS If you need help in measuring Success in the Exhibiting and Event Sponsorship field, join us for a webinar on Wednesday  or visit the webinar series website www.EASI-Money.com