Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Do Your Systems Support You?

E Myth
Now that we are in the fifth week of the New Year, I need to ask, do your systems support you? I am not just talking about computer systems, but your manual systems and processes as well.

Michael Gerber is the king of business systems. His book "The E-Myth Revisited" has some simple yet masterful comments and ideas on how you let your systems run the business and your people run the systems.

So how can you systemise more? From the simple addition of check lists on order forms, to a weekly structure for your time or simply having custom lead cards when you next exhibit or are sponsoring an event. The systems make your job easier and free you up for more strategic work (or holidays!)

So do your systems support you?

Friday, 25 January 2013

3D Printing on Your Desk

How cool!

I just checked out this video from FormLabs about their 3D printers.

To me it is more than 3D printing. 
It is manufacturing on a small scale. 
It is unleashing creativity.
It is lifting ideas off the page
It is enabling the next level.

Think of the leap for musicians when they could create their own high quality CDs using their computers and back room. All of a sudden designers and artists can effortlessly create their pieces.

Image: www.Formlabs.com

Think of the personalised items you could create at Trade Shows and Expos to engage with your visitors.
Think of the modelling you could do to solve engineer issues.
Think of the cool bass guitar picks your could create!

What would you do with your very own 3D printer?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tips for a Successful Event

I shot a quick video recently on the key tips for a successful event. If you are an Event Planner, Event Professional, PCO (Professional Conference Organiser) or even if you run events in your company, you will find these tips valuable.


Monday, 21 January 2013

How are Your Questioning Techniques?

Whether you are talking to a prospect, a friend, a client, a stranger or a loved one, the power of a conversation is in your ability to ask the right questions. Too often I observe people asking questions to confirm what they think they know rather than explore for information that they may not have.
Most people are familiar with the basics of Open or Closed questions. You may also be aware of techniques to ask about problems or issues the other is facing.

THE most powerful question I have found for exploring the depth of a subject is a very simple one.

"Tell me more about that."

It shows a deeper level of interest from you and enables the person you are talking with the freedom to say whatever they want in relation to the topic. Frequently it will uncover a deeper issue or concern with a situation and expose some valuable information for you to use in assisting the person to solve, resolve or contribute to their issue or situation.

If you want some practice, try it on some kids, you will be amazed what they say!

Warwick Merry - The Get More Guy, is your high energy, results focused, action oriented, no holds barred tour de force MC, keynote speaker and Exhibiting Specialist. He ensures your attendees Get More from your event. His MC work is like insurance for your event. It guarantees things will run smoothly and on time. As a speaker, he is like a dose of Berocca – a bubbling, burst of healthy, sustainable energy for your attendees.  If you need a burst of inspiration, cogitation and celebration at your next event you MUST book The Get More Guy, Warwick Merry.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Why Are You Paying For It?

Let me pay
Why Are You Paying For It?

Many business run different events. They could be internal team building, internal state of the nation, external marketing events or simply a client get together with some valuable information presented. My question for you is "Why are you paying for it?"

It is increasingly accepted by participants that there will be an event sponsor. The big sporting events are even named after them, KFC cricket, KIA tennis, NAB football, this list goes on.

So why not you?

I recently ran an event for 30 prospects with my business partner. We had a sponsor cover the costs of the event (minimising risk for us). The sponsor had his suppliers give him promotional materials for all participants and he got to address and network with his target market (and has since signed up new clients from the event).

My challenge for you is to get a sponsor for you next event that minimises your risk, enhances your event and even pays for the event. Why are you paying for it?

PS If you want to find out more about how to get or how to be a sponsor, join us tomorrow on our f r e e  EASI Money - Sponsorship webinar. Register here.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Are You Ready for 2013?

I have had the last couple of weeks off. I spent the time relaxing, celebrating, planning, resting and enjoying. I feel refreshed and ready to embrace whatever 2013 holds for me. 

What about you? Are you ready for 2013?
I have seen a lot of blurb about New Year's resolutions. Can I humbly suggest that you don't waste your time on them? Most people get excited, make commitments and then simply get on with their life. I have found it more valuable to learn from the past, plan for the future and act in the day.

To help you put some substance into that process I created the Regular Results Review, an easy to use 2 page template to build your action plan for the year. Let me know how it goes.

So are you ready for 2013? If not, be ready because it is already here and will continue along regardless. I hope 2013 is magic for you, your family and your business. If I can help at all, get in touch.