Monday, 26 March 2012

What Happens After?

So often we get focussed on the event or the meeting or the conference or the get together, that we forget about what happens after.  On most occasions, the real value is after the event. For some the activities after is the icing on the cake that magnifies the value.

Let me give some examples:
  • The personalised thank you cards the go out after the wedding referring to the gift you gave
  • A confirmation email following a prospect visit detailing actions you will take and next steps
  • Review of a project to look at what went well to repeat and what did not go well, to improve
  • Actions to implement new ideas or skills after a training session or annual conference
  • Arranging appointments after a trade show to convert your message into sales
So when you are next having a significant event, make sure you pay enough attention to What Happens After - that's where the real value is.

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Monday, 19 March 2012

Are You In or Out?

singh is king
Wifey and I had a brilliant trip to India. The worst part of travelling is being treated like a tourist, so it was fabulous to be treated like family during our first week. This was when we attended the wedding of our friend Gagan.

Indian weddings are amazing. Over the course of 8 days we were able to join in 5 different celebratory events. The bride requested that I wear a turban (which looks funny without a beard so I had to grow one of them too) and I felt quite stylish in it. Yes, that's me in the picture.

With all of the different celebrations, customs and rituals going on, it would be very easy to stand on the sidelines and merely be an observer. Wifey and I decided that we would do everything and experience all the ceremonies as much as we could. So much so that at the end of the trip, the mother of the groom invited us back in October for the wedding of her other son who we had only just met!

It is the same with everything: Work, hobbies, projects, events... you name it. The more you commit to something and go full on, the better the results you will have.

So what about you, are you In or Out?

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Another Sign

As a follow- up to my previous blog, here is a great sign I saw at Readings book store in Malvern.

I like it because it gets the message across in a friendly manner. Rather than telling you what you can't do, it tells you what you can do. So not "NO FOOD" but a pleasant please enjoy before entering our store.

It doesn't get your potential customers back up before they even enter the store.

Have you seen any other signs you like?  Let me know or post them on my Facebook page

Monday, 12 March 2012

Did You Read The Signs?

At a recent webinar for Exhibitors, I stressed the point that your signage has to be simple, focussed on the visitor and it has to make it easy to be a customer. Wifey and I saw this sign at an airport in India during our recent trip. It hit all the right buttons!
It was simple - Only 3 words
It was focussed on me - Just in case I thought to bribe/tip someone
It made it easy - I had no question on whether I should bribe/tip someone or not.
How many times have you seen banners or signs loaded with words that you don't read?Maybe you do read them and you find that it is all about the vendor and telling you how good that they are.The reality is you customer does not care. Their focus is firmly on themselves and their own needs. 
How is your signage? Do you read your signs with your customer's shoes on?

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Are You Working Right?

I was working with a mentoring client recently and telling her that she needs to do less and less to achieve more and more. Yes, yes… this seems silly at first glance, but it is the secret to success (well one of them anyway). 

Look at the most senior person in any organisation. Essentially they do nothing. Don’t get me wrong, they are busy, but they do nothing. They day consists of meetings, phone calls, and checking things. They have learn’t the secret of getting their people to do the work and they just make sure the right things get done at the right time.

What about you?

Now you may say “Oh by I am just a solopreneur” or “a mere employee” but the same principle applies. It may be that you get colleagues to do the work or outsource it to a VA or third party.

You can achieve more by doing less. Your value is in knowing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and who is the best person to do it. The person who thinks that “no-one can do it as well as me” is the one working massive hours and feeling exhausted.

So are you working right?