Sunday, 31 January 2010

Don't just DO something, Sit there!

It has been a scorcher of a day here in Melbourne.  To escape the heat, I thought I would sit outside in my back yard and just enjoy the cool change.

I have been privileged to witness an amazing light and sound show.  The sun is reflecting off the low cloud and changing colours from orange and amber through to pinks with cloud whisps being different gradients.  Meanwhile, the breeze is rustling through the nectarine tree as the neighbours cat prowls through the yard giving me the "what the hell are you doing sitting on your back step" look.

I could have taken a photo but it changes so much, it's not the same.  But you may have seen something similar at some other time.  It is not the vista that I wanted to share anyway, but the moment.

It's been a hot day.  I have been thinking about things I have on this week, thinking about a friend who has just ended a relationship, another recovering from surgery, family who have just moved house, how knackered I feel in the heat..... you know, a typical day.  Taking the time to just step outside and sit here has been fabulous.    I am taking the time to be a human being not a human doing.

Doing this has forced me into the moment where I can see that life is ok.  Not life and everything will be ok but it already is ok.  Things are great!  I have some amazing things happen in my life, I have some amazing people around me (particularly wifey!) and some fabulous opportunities are happening.  It is fantastically refreshing to be present and sit and appreciate my surroundings.  

What about you?

Sometimes you need to remember the age old truth.  Don't just do something, sit there!

Monday, 25 January 2010

How is your Copy and Pasting?

I see many people who are masters at Cut and Paste. But it is not their documents they are cut and pasting, it is themselves!
  • They read management books and do exactly what they say.
  • They hear jokes and tell them as if they are their own.
  • They go on management training and try and be exactly like the training examples.
  • They read biographies and try to be like the heroes they idolise.
Lots of copying and pasting.

Don't get me wrong. I am a big fan of training, biographies, books and jokes. But I am a bigger fan of authenticity.


Use the training, the books, the event - whatever it is - as a stimulation to be you. Get the idea, the inspiration, the stimulation and do it your way. Don't be a pale copy of someone or something else. Be a shining example of the authentic you - warts and all!


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Monday, 18 January 2010

How is your Awareness?

As you know (or if you didn't, you do now), I ride a big motorbike. It is a great deal of fun but I am the first to admit that it is not without its dangers! Yesterday, on the way to record a radio play (that's a whole other story) I was nearly run off the road!

To be honest, it happens quite a bit. But there is a secret to surviving it unscathed, maintain your awareness.

I was on three lane freeway, behind a big Ford doing 100km/h (60m/h) and I knew there was a large white car next to me and a car behind each of us but much further back. All of a sudden, the car next to me indicated and started to change lanes. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like a car merging into you! Knowing I had the space, I could brake solidly and drop back letting the driver occupy the space I was previously in without there being any accident. It was then that the driver noticed me and gave me a wave!!

Has something like that happened to you? Maybe not on the road, maybe it was at work or with a personal relationship. Something happened that you knew COULD happen but weren't sure if it would.

Again, the secret to minimising the negative impact is to maintain our awareness. If we are too focussed on the details, we miss opportunities or can get blindsided by crisis. Make sure that you keep an awareness of the bigger picture at all times.

What do you need to be aware of today?

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

What Motivates you?

What Motivates you?

Technically the short answer is "Pleasure" and "pain".

The truth is we are motivated about the idea of an event or thing or what we think will happen if we do or dont have/do a thing.
The issue is 80% of people are motivated by pain and only 20% by pleasure - yet pleasure is more sustainable!

Everyone is different. The key is to tap in to what motivates us as an individual and use that. So what keeps us going when we want to stop? what drives us when we can't help but move forward? What is the "Idea" or "Vision" we can't live without?

Mine is the idea of a business operating how I want it to, a family life that supports me and I can contribute to and to be the man I can be.

So again, what motivates you?

Monday, 11 January 2010

What is your Plan?

It's a SCORCHER here in Melbourne today. Forecast of 43C (110F) and at 10 am it is already 33C (91F).

Don't you hate it when things out of your control have a significant impact on your plans for the day? Whether it is the air-conditioner breaking down, staff not arriving on time because of train delays or people being affected by the weather, there are some things you just can't control!

Personally, I love the approach of "Expect the Best, but plan for the Worst." As soon as I knew it was going to be that hot, I planned to do detailed work in the morning and easy work in the afternoon. I get I will be impacted by the heat so I will plan for it. If for some reason my air-conditioner is strong enough and my energy levels remain high, I will do more detailed work but the plan supports a "worse" outcome.

What about your business and your life? Do you have contingency plans for when things go wrong? Do you know what to do when the unexpected happens?

Life and work become far less stressful when you "Expect the Best, but plan for the Worst!"


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Monday, 4 January 2010

It's the First Day!

For many of us this is the first working day of the new year, of the new decade, of the rest of our life.

Why not set up some great habits today that we can continue with each day?

Many will start this day with great vigour, others with fond memories of the holidays and others will be overwhelmed just by looking at their inbox!

How will you start this working day? More importantly, how will you end it?

If you can do nothing else, hold a positive attitude that will continue to serve you each day as you work through the new year and beyond.

Happy New Year, I hope it is an absolute cracker for you!



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