Monday, 26 October 2009

What is Your Perspective?

Perspective can have such a significant impact on how we see a situation.

I live in Melbourne where we have Trams as a form of public transport. When I am in a tram, I want all the cars and pedestrians to get out of my way because they slow me down and I just want to keep moving. When I am in a car, I want the tram to go away because I have to stop more, the traffic is slower and pedestrians just step out on to the road - they slow me down and I just want to keep moving. When I am a pedestrian, I want all traffic (be they car, bus, tram, motorbike or pushbike) to get out of my way because they don't consider me and get in my way - they slow me down and I just want to keep moving.

When I shift my perspective, my journey becomes more pleasant. When I'm in my car, if I recall how I feel when I'm on the tram or a pedestrian, I become more considerate. The same thing happens when I'm a pedestrian or on the tram considering how I feel when I am on the other modes of transport. My situation is still the same, but a shift in perspective makes the situation more pleasant and somehow it seems quicker and less draining.

What about you? What situation do you need to change your perspective on? Is it dealing with your kids, your partner, your boss, your colleagues, your pets, that guy at the train station, the person selling Big Issue magazines, or maybe it is how you relate to yourself? What is your perspective?


Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

Photo: Joe Armao

Monday, 12 October 2009

Who Brought Your Success?

Following on from last weeks post, I want to let you know how successful my vocal groups CD launch was.
- We packed the venue and had over 200 people there.
- We got rapturous applause showing they liked our stuff.
- Most people wanted to take us home so we sold over 100 CD's

It was a great event and a huge success!

I am not telling you this to make you jealous that you missed out (although that may happen!), I am telling you this to let you know that a huge success like this does not happen by itself. So many people contributed. Naturally, the Musical Director, Choreographer, Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager had a significant input but that is no more important that the individuals singing the right notes at the right time with the right words. We couldn't have done it without the venue staff looking after our guests while we sang and the cleaning staff cleaning up after we left.

Also, if our loved ones didn't support us and understand that we had to go to rehearsals every Wednesday and practice singing around the house (which is not always pleasant!), the performance would not have been as good.

So many people have contributed to making us and our event a success.

What about your success? Even if you have done it all on your own, who has given you the space to make it happen? Who has put you on that path? Who has made sure you have the resources to do or achieve what you need to? Who keeps the tea and coffee stocked, the dishes cleaned, the motivation fired up, the ideas generating, the projects on track, the clothes clean, the technology running, the employee's happy? The list goes on.

Once you know who they are, why not thank them? It is the little things that all go together to enable the big things to happen. Make sure you acknowledge the people who make the little things happen - because they make the big things happen.


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Mum on a Motorbike

I gave my mum a lift home from the city yesterday.

There is nothing unusual about that. People do it all the time. But my mum lives in a sleepy town with a population of about 2,000 and traffic is not usually that busy. She was visiting me in Melbourne, population about 4 million and peak hour is.... well.... messy at times!! Not only that, but I ride a motorbike. Granted, it is a big one, but it means you are much closer to the large semi-trailers than you are when in the car.

So there we were zooming home on the bike, me on the front hoping everyone would know I had my mum on the back so they should give way, and my 67 year old mum on the back grinning like a cheshire cat. She had a ball! In fact, she liked it so much that after we got home, we got back on the bike and went for another ride to the pub for dinner.

As much as I like bragging about my mum, the point of this is don't let invisibile boundaries stop you from doing things. When I mentioned to people I was giving mum a lift home many people on my clients site said things like: "ooo... is that a good idea?", "your mum? Really?" even other motorbike riders were saying "I am not sure I would do that." At what age do you get "too old" to do things? Too mature, too tall, too many responsibilities, too serious, too risky, too (insert relevant word here)??

Life is to be lived. Don't let what other think hold you back.


Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

Monday, 5 October 2009

What do you Want?

I am one of those people who is "a bit slow catchin' on". As I said to Wifey when we first got together, "I don't do subtle". The same with my coaching clients. I advise them that they are not to suggest, imply, hint, wish, hope or be subtle about what they want or need. If you are subtle or only hinting, you could talk for days about something and I may not get what you are after.

The same can be said for life in general. If you want something, ask for it. The classic bible quote of "Ask and it shall be given unto you" may not always be accurate but it works better than just wishing for something. How many discounts are you missing out on because you don't ask for it? How much special treatment do you miss because you never ask?

I was once travelling and stopped at a hotel. When booking in I asked how much was the room. I asked was there a corporate rate, to which the attendant said yes and quoted the price which was about 20% cheaper. When I asked how do I get the corporate rate, she said, "You just have to ask for it". Naturally I asked for it!

What are you missing out on because you don't ask for it?

Having said all that, I now need to ask you a favour. My community acapella vocal group, Mood Swing, is having their CD launch on Sunday 11 October at 3pm. I would love for you to be there or buy a copy of the CD. To listen to a few samples, find out more about the event or purchase the CD visit


Friday, 2 October 2009

How's (House) your Wealth?

Last night I was fortunate enough to hear Cheyanne Brae talk about Wealth Creation through Property and Property Renovation. I was fascinated and inspired by her depth of knowledge and willingness to share ideas.

I need to be open here and say that I am a big fan of Wealth Creation via property and Wifey and I continue to follow our property plan. But this blog is not about how you should invest in property, it is about taking action.

At my presentations I hear a lot of people talking about investments, talking about properties, talking about goals, talking about superannuation and talking about what they will do. But when all is said and done, there is a lot more said than done. As Cheyanne said last night, get educated about your investment area. Learn from others mistakes before you make your own. Then you have to take action.

Don't one of those people who say "If only I had done something 10 years ago", "If only I had bought that property 10 years ago", "If only I had bought shares 10 years ago", "If only........".

In 10 years time, now is 10 years ago. What will you do today to build your wealth?


Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy