Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I Love You and Hate You!

Technology!  How it makes life so much better and brings additional pain we have never even thought of.

This Get More Goer is coming to you later than planned as my email system decided to be weird and not allow any password anymore.  Arrgh!!  So I have had my IT guy, Kaalgat (in South Africa) fixing it.  I really HATE it when technology lets me down.  

Having said that, I got a new HTC Desire mobile device which is fabulous!  I feel more in control than the iPhone but I have churned through a big chunk of my download allocation!!  I am probably not ready to say I LOVE it, but there is a solid admiration!!

It reminds me of the adage, "It is not what happens to you, but how you deal with it that counts."

Whether you Love or Hate the technology, colleague, family member, partner, friend, stranger, company, government or institution, it is how you deal with the situation that counts.

How well do you deal with it?

Monday, 10 May 2010

He Touched Me!

As some of your know I sing with Mood Swing - you can check out what we sound like on our facebook page (maybe become a fan?)  We were delighted to be part of the Get Vocal festival over the weekend.  As well as concerts, there were workshops for artists during the day.  A highlight for me was attending the workshop run by Tripod.  If you are not familiar with them check out one of my favourites of theirs on YouTube or their home page www.3pod.com.au

I had heard so many stories about meeting your hero's and being disappointed.  While I may not rank them as "Hero's" they are definitely people I admire and look up to.  As a speaker, trainer, coach, tradeshow guru, I am constantly trying to balance the entertainment, education, laughs and valuable resources mix.  I had a one on one chat with Scott (the one with glasses) who was very humble and gave me some great pointers.  He even touched me!!  Well...we shook hands.

It got me thinking, how do we really know how we positively affect people?  When we give to them, inspire them, lead them, love them, parent them, coach them, advise them, befriend them or even just talk with them?  You never know what impact you will have on those around you simply by sharing what you know and what you have.  There are people out there who are better off having been in contact with you.  They may even be thinking "(s)he touched me!"

Thanks for being such a cool you.  Keep it up.

Lovin' your work.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Stop Whinging!

I was working at a trade show for three days last week and I was amazed at the high whinging level.  So many exhibitors would drone on:
"Why aren't there people here yet?"
"Why are there so many people here?" 
"How come I haven't made more sales?"
"The food here is pretty bad"
"We need more signage"

While some of them were valid questions, it was also an absolute waste of time.  For every subject they had a whinge about, there was something they could do about it but didn't.  For some reason it was not their responsibility but someone else's.  

I have what I call my two "Killer Questions" for every situation and they are:
1) What is my part in this?
2) What can I do differently?

Regardless of who is to blame, when I take responsibility for a situation, I am then empowered to take action. Taking action lifts my spirits, makes me more attractive to clients and moves me forward to where I want to be.

So how much do you whinge?