Monday, 29 November 2010

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for 2011?  It is only a month away.  
The reality is that you don't have to do much to get ready for it.  If you just wait, it will sneak up on you.


If you want to Get More from 2011 there are a couple of things you can do:

  • Set aside a day for reflection.  This will include both personal and business reflection
  • Have a structure for the day. Something simple like, in the morning personal, the afternoon business. For both sessions look back on the year and acknowledge what you did well, then look forward at your plans and goals for the year
  • Make sure you include in this day time to establish what annual leave or holidays you will have
  • Create a high level action and reward plan for the year. You MUST celebrate your success. 

To help with this, here are a couple of valuable resources:

  • The Get More Grid - use this to create a standard weekly routine   
  • Regular Results Review - use this to help with your day of reflection      
  • The Get More Guide - This is my profile document. Use it if you are planning a motivational session for your team or looking for a mentor. 

There is also a new book I have contributed to coming out soon to help you take massive action, but more about that later.


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

How are the Trains?

I received an email from a friend of mine regarding one of the key policies of the impending state election here in Victoria.  It is worth reading in its entirety.  I hope you enjoy the clip also!

Hello good citizens

With the state election looming, the following titbit from my urban flashmob melbourne choir men in suits may be both amusing and newsworthy:

This is us preparing for our future possible role as the new, more compassionate face of metro: a platform announcements choir that is genuinely, genuinely sorry that the trains are late.

If you happen to have websites, political forums, or groups that you can post this to, please do so with murderous alacrity and glee.
we'd love for this to get seen.

stephen taberner

Monday, 15 November 2010

Have You Told Anyone?

I caught up with a friend last night and he told me a strange story.

My friend (let's call him Simon, because that is his name) works for a multi-national with an Asia Pacific Regional Office in Singapore.  His direct boss is based in this office.  Now Simon doesn't see his boss much but it is an IT company so they stay in touch with emails and video conferencing and the like.

Last week he was at an internal meeting with another colleague from Singapore. Simon just participated as usual and they were able to come up with a resolution to a particular issue.  His colleague went back to Singapore and Simon thought nothing of it.

The next day, Simon received a text from his boss saying something along the lines of, "I have just heard about the great job you guys did. Thank you for your contribution. I understand it made a difference and I wanted to let you know I appreciate it".


It had a significant impact on Simon. It confirmed for him that he has a great boss, works at a great company and he is truly valued. Before you start thinking "My boss never says anything like that", put the shoe on the other foot.  Who have you said something like that too?  Have you told anyone that you appreciate their work lately?

Research has show than genuine compliments have a more positive impact than a pay rise. So who needs one? Your boss, your team members, your cleaner, your security guard, the receptionist, the person in the cafe, your partner, your kids, your friends or your family?  I am sure there is someone.

So have you told anyone lately?


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Monday, 8 November 2010

Have You Got The Right Gear?

I spent 6 hours yesterday with a Dingo.  I don't mean the protected native dog of Australia, I mean one of these.


You see, wifey and I are a typical couple in the suburbs.  Some weekends we like to dig in the garden and some weekends we like to knock down the side wall, dig out 6 cubic metres of earth, create a massive new veggie garden and then replace the earth with road base so we can park one of our many vehicles up the side of the garage, then we like to spread the 9 cubic metres of topsoil on the new lawn area where the old pine trees got cut down.

Now I don't know about you, but shifting a total of 21 cubic metres of earth by hand is a huge effort.  Let alone digging out that dirt at the side of the shed that was full of tree roots.  So I decided to make it easier for myself and get the right gear.  So I spent 6 hours with a Dingo.  It made the job a whole lot easier and quicker.  It was a whole lot of fun too!

I have found time and time again that having the right gear makes a massive difference.  Accounting software does a better job than a spreadsheet, waterproof ski gear is better than jeans, sunglasses are better than squinting... you see the theme.

Have you got the right gear?

If there is something you need to do at work or at home, get the right gear.  It makes the job easier, quicker and more rewarding.


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Thursday, 4 November 2010

What about Me?

Something funny happened on the weekend.

As usual, Wifey and I use shampoo.  Recently we bought some new shampoo and started using it. A couple of days later, Wifey asked, "What do you think of the new shampoo?"

Personally, I don't use a great deal of shampoo.  It probably has something to do with the fact that I am balding (but I am still in denial about it).  So I mentioned this to Wifey and also that I was not that fussed about.

Her response, "I meant what do you think about the new shampoo in my hair!"


I should have realised that.  She does have resplendent hair that cascades halfway down her back (mine is just back hair).  But I was too focussed on myself.  I wasn't considering the intent of her comment.  Based on the number of conversations we have never had about my hair versus the ones we have had about hers, I should have known it was not about me.

What about you?

When you communicate, are you more concerned about yourself or those you are communicating with?  

Do you listen to what the other person is saying and trying to say or is your focus on what you want to say?
Is your focus on the conversation or on reaching the mutual sought outcome?

I'd type more, but I need to go and attend to my hair!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Are You Harry?


As a self confessed geek, I am looking forward to the final two Harry Potter films.  I have read the books so I know what is going to happen and I am still looking forward to them!  The people who are least looking forward to them would be the three actors in the lead roles: Danielle Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and the girl who plays Hermoine.

The reason they would not be looking forward to the end of the Harry Potter films is not the end of the money. According to trash magazines they will have earned enough cash from the films to last them a couple of lifetimes.  It is not the end of the fame because they will always be Harry, Ron and Hermione (in fact, like me, many may remember their character name but not their real one).  The reason they are not looking forward to it is that it is likely to be the end of their acting career.

They will always be Harry, Ron and Hermione.  Even in a different film, people will say "It's got Harry Potter in it".  Even though Danielle and Rupert have done some other work to try and increase their reputation, they will struggle to get past their larger than life characters.  Many movie projects will not want that baggage.

So are you Harry?

Have you done what you do for so long that it is the only thing people (including your boss) know you for?  Does the baggage of "oh they are the one who does...." follow you around?  Or have you tried on a few other roles? Have you expanded your skill set to learn new and relevant skills?  Have you volunteered for different projects within the business so show you can do other things?  Have you done interesting things outside of the workplace to build a rounded character?  Have you shown yourself you can do many amazing things?

Don't just be Harry.  Be as many people or roles as you can.


PS  Thanks to those who dropped by the Meeting Mart stand in Melbourne this week.  I trust you will enjoy the Get More Goer.