Monday, 15 November 2010

Have You Told Anyone?

I caught up with a friend last night and he told me a strange story.

My friend (let's call him Simon, because that is his name) works for a multi-national with an Asia Pacific Regional Office in Singapore.  His direct boss is based in this office.  Now Simon doesn't see his boss much but it is an IT company so they stay in touch with emails and video conferencing and the like.

Last week he was at an internal meeting with another colleague from Singapore. Simon just participated as usual and they were able to come up with a resolution to a particular issue.  His colleague went back to Singapore and Simon thought nothing of it.

The next day, Simon received a text from his boss saying something along the lines of, "I have just heard about the great job you guys did. Thank you for your contribution. I understand it made a difference and I wanted to let you know I appreciate it".


It had a significant impact on Simon. It confirmed for him that he has a great boss, works at a great company and he is truly valued. Before you start thinking "My boss never says anything like that", put the shoe on the other foot.  Who have you said something like that too?  Have you told anyone that you appreciate their work lately?

Research has show than genuine compliments have a more positive impact than a pay rise. So who needs one? Your boss, your team members, your cleaner, your security guard, the receptionist, the person in the cafe, your partner, your kids, your friends or your family?  I am sure there is someone.

So have you told anyone lately?


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