Monday, 1 November 2010

Are You Harry?


As a self confessed geek, I am looking forward to the final two Harry Potter films.  I have read the books so I know what is going to happen and I am still looking forward to them!  The people who are least looking forward to them would be the three actors in the lead roles: Danielle Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and the girl who plays Hermoine.

The reason they would not be looking forward to the end of the Harry Potter films is not the end of the money. According to trash magazines they will have earned enough cash from the films to last them a couple of lifetimes.  It is not the end of the fame because they will always be Harry, Ron and Hermione (in fact, like me, many may remember their character name but not their real one).  The reason they are not looking forward to it is that it is likely to be the end of their acting career.

They will always be Harry, Ron and Hermione.  Even in a different film, people will say "It's got Harry Potter in it".  Even though Danielle and Rupert have done some other work to try and increase their reputation, they will struggle to get past their larger than life characters.  Many movie projects will not want that baggage.

So are you Harry?

Have you done what you do for so long that it is the only thing people (including your boss) know you for?  Does the baggage of "oh they are the one who does...." follow you around?  Or have you tried on a few other roles? Have you expanded your skill set to learn new and relevant skills?  Have you volunteered for different projects within the business so show you can do other things?  Have you done interesting things outside of the workplace to build a rounded character?  Have you shown yourself you can do many amazing things?

Don't just be Harry.  Be as many people or roles as you can.


PS  Thanks to those who dropped by the Meeting Mart stand in Melbourne this week.  I trust you will enjoy the Get More Goer.



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Rod Sherwin said...

Trying lots of different thing to expand your skill set is an interesting contrast to the marketing instructions that tell us to specialise and work in a niche.

There are some actors that always specialise in a certain type of role and become type cast. And in business we are told to become the go-to person in our niche.

I personally find life more interesting in taking on many differents roles in my life.