Monday, 27 October 2008

Accidentally Famous

You never know who reads your site, blog, twitter, facebook or whatever else you do.

While "Famous", as referred to in the title, is a bit of a stretch I was pleased to find out that my ex-Poodle was referred to on an English TV series. He was a chocolate toy poodle and his name was Burma. So full of energy and life but unfortunately he burst a disc in his back and I had to put him down - a very difficult and heart wrenching decision.

Thanks to the internet, he will live forever (well at least until he gets archived!!)

Stephen Fry was the host of a BBC program called Quite Interesting where they would chat about obscure facts and look for funny questions to challenging questions. After talking about the country Burma and getting ready to go to the ad break, Stephen looked to camera and said:

"Actually, interestingly, while double-checking this information on etiquette and Burma on the Internet, we came up with the extraordinary information that it's considered polite to express joy by eating snow and to send unwanted guests away by biting their leg, and normal behaviour to wipe your mouth on the sofa. This is actually true, the researchers were writing this down with great excitement about Burma, only to discover in the end that Burma turned out to be the name of a poodle belonging to the author of the website. "

I found the quote on the TV guide here

The show is very funny. Check out the middle of the episode on You Tube. Burma is on at 3:19

The point is, yes there is a point, you never know who will see what you write and where it will be. That page of my old website is long gone, it went with Burma, but it has had an impact!

What sort of impact will you have?


Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

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