Monday, 23 August 2010

Why Would You Tear Them Down?

Cut TreeLast week wifey and I had 18 trees cut down out of our front and back yard.  It was not something we did lightly and it does prompt the question, "Why would you tear them down?
The majority of them were pine trees planted as a hedge over 20 years ago.  It was a great idea.  It gave extra privacy from the neighbours and passers by as well as some wind protection.  For the first couple of years they did their job well but over time, things changed.  The owners of the house got new tenants in who didn't prune the trees as they needed.  The larger trees dropped more needles.  The ground beneath the trees stopped growing lawn as it was starved for nutrients and sun light.  The path under the trees was not maintained and over grew with weeds and the trees grew so tall that they blocked nearly all the light from the northern sun.  With minimal light, moss started growing on the roof and on the path up to the front door making it slippery and unsafe in the wet.

What started as a great idea grew way out of control.

Have you ever seen this happen in the work place?  A system, process, work idea, project, guiding principle or cultural element of an organisation starts off well, has great intent and then becomes the nightmare of the business.  I have seen in many times.

Sometimes a "mild trim" is not enough, you have to rip it out at the roots and start again!
So wifey and I are now planning the redesign of the gardens including replant more suitable and more productive trees.

What about you?  What behemoths need to be torn down so fresh new ideas and practices can flourish?

Image: Warwick Merry 

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