Monday, 13 September 2010

What is All This About Climate Change?


You may have noticed that the weather has started to warm up.  Melbourne has had a very cold winter this year and many of us are excited about the prospect of temperatures above 15 degrees C!  But I noticed something during the cold spell.  Talking with friends they said, "It's been so cold I had to really turn up the heater."  Work environments almost had fights breaking out about how the heater needed to be turned up because it was too cold!!!

It got me thinking.

It seems more and more now that people expect a response on a larger scale.  I am too cold so I will turn up the heating in the entire house.  The office is too cold so increase the temperature of the entire office.  Our work culture is wrong so something has to change.  House prices are too high so the government should do something.  Something is wrong in the climate so the climate should change.

I strongly disagree.

I think if there is something wrong with the climate, then we need to change as individuals.  Ask yourself the question, what can I do about it?  If you are cold, put on warmer clothing.  If you don't like how things are done at your work place, change it (either the way it is done or your employer!).  It is time for personal responsibility.  What can we do as individuals that can impact our own personal climate?

You will find the change will happen quicker than if you waited for the larger scale response, and you can focus on what is really important in your life.

What changes can you make today?

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