Monday, 30 September 2013

Sell What They Want Not What You Have

Sell What They Want Not What You Have

Mandarin LabelIn Australia, the big two supermarket chains are good at what they do. They are good at selling stuff with maximum margin.
They have also made an art form of selling what they have by making you want it. These mandarins are a great example.

If you went into a fruit store and saw small mandarins on display you may have thought, "They're a bit small" or "Mandarins are always a bit hard to peel".

But not these.

These ones you know are EASY PEEL. You also know that they are the perfect size for kids because they are IDEAL FOR LUNCH BOXES. So they are no longer small, they are Kid Sized.

They are also fun because they have Toy Story branding - I am still not sure how that relates to Mandarins but I KNOW how it relates to kids. You also don't get to buy just a couple because they only come in 1kg bags.

If you look hard on the back of the label you would discover they are Afourer Mandarins (personally I prefer Imperial) but that is not important.

What is important is that they have turned a problem seller into a sought after item purely by selling what the customer wants (easy peel, right sized, kid friendly fruit) and not what they have (really small, not very tasty mandarins that people don't want).

So how can you do this Dear-Reader? How can you package your services or products into something your target market wants even more than they do now?

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