Monday, 7 October 2013

What's Your Solution?

What's Your Solution?

I am up in the lovely state of Queensland visiting clients and doing some tech support for my mum and I have to say it, mum's boyfriend is a very handy dude.

He loves working in the garden but the sandy soil and loads of creatures up here makes for special problems. One of the solutions is to grow the strawberries in containers.
But he didn't want the containers to sit on the grass and kill it. Also they are very heavy to lift and move, so what did he do?

A couple of old golf buggy wheels, a jockey wheel off the caravan, a wheel-less wheel barrow, some coaster wheels and a few bit of wood and steel all got made into portable plant tables you can see in the photo. A fantastic solution that just took a bit of thinking, looking at what resources were available and what skill sets were present to come up with a solution.

In the work place today it seems that we struggle with solutions. We are so used to "Other People" providing the solution, managers telling us what to do or giving up because "it just can't be done".

Next time this happens to you, think of my mums boyfriend and ask:

  • What resources have I got available?
  • What skill sets are available?
  • What is the outcome I am after?
  • How can I combine all of this to achieve the outcome I want?

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