Monday, 20 December 2010

How Long Does It Last?

Merry Christmas!!  For those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Festivus (Seinfeld's so named Festival for the Rest of Us).

This time of year I see people doing things they usually wouldn't.  Many acts of kindness and niceness are done "because it's Christmas".  Extra donations to charity, letting people cut in line, taking time to talk to people from other departments, there are so many ways I see this sense of charity manifest.

Then January comes, people return to work after some time off and we return to our slightly grumpy and caffeinated way of operating.  Can't we make the festive season last longer?  How long does your sense of goodwill to all men and women last?

I have often thought if I could get the essence of Christmas distilled into a small spray it would come in so handy throughout the year.  A quick spray on those I have to deal with who may have lost perspective or forgotten to smile or the reason we were dealing with each other.

My choice this year is to make Christmas (or Festivus) last all year.  Continue to spread goodwill, tolerance and happiness with all I deal with.  Care to join me?

Thank you for reading my writings this year.  I trust it has brought some value to your life in some manner.  I genuinely wish you, your family and your business a magnificent festive season and a 2011 that blows you away with results, joy and happiness.  If I can help that happen, please contact me.

Merry Christmas - may it last all year long!

Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

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