Monday, 18 July 2011

Are You In The Wrong Spot?

Art Maths
A friend sent me some samples of the funny (and sad) responses students give on tests.  One of the the responses was this picture.

It made me laugh out loud. But then I looked closer.

The dimensions on the legs have excellent perspective. The artist has captured the feeling of the person with the arms stretched out and smiling face. The pigtails are observing gravity. To me, an uneducated observer, this student is an excellent artist or at least has excellent potential.  To even see that this quadratic graph could be altered into the feminine form is fabulous.

This picture screams to me that this student would prefer, and possibly be better suited to, artistic subjects rather than math subjects.

I have seen the same in businesses and organisations. People whose skills are far better utilised in a different role than the one they are employed for. Workers who would be better managers, managers who would be better workers, customer facing staff who are better suited to behind the scenes, support staff who are better customer facing - you have probably seen the same.

If your default view of the world is not suited to your current role, change your role! Apply for a transfer, seek out alternatives, work on a project team - do what it takes to support your natural skills. You will be more successful, happier and get better results on your next exam!

I would give this student marks just for their interpretation of the question!

So are you in the Wrong Spot?

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