Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Come and Hear Me Speak!

I RARELY post commercial information but there are two events I am involved with that I really wanted to tell you about.
I won’t waffle on about each even, just keep it short and sweet.

The first one is a book launch.
 A good friend of mine Ian Berry has just launched his new book “Changing What’s Normal”. To celebrate he has asked me to join him and Geoff McDonald to speak at a 90 minute seminar on Thursday 28th July.  Your registration includes a copy of the book and you get to hear three speakers to inspire you to live a beyond normal life.  Find out more detail and book your place here.

The second thing
is late last week I was asked to share the stage with Dr John Tickell, Tracy Bartram and Dr Rosemary McCallum for a three day seminar on Serious Abundance.  I am so excited about this!  We will be sharing with you ways you can cut through the nonsense, get rid of the rubbish and live the life you want.  

You will learn: 
  • Ways to have more fun in your life
  • Financial Skills and methods to improve your relationship with wealth
  • Work Life balance techniques to allow yourself time to connect with those who count
  • Wellness – eat without being on a diet and have a healthy relationship with food
  • Ideas to live with more passion and conviction.
Find out more about this event, including the Early Bird Special that ends Friday 15th July, by clicking here
As I said I am thrilled about both of these events. If you need a quick burst, come along to the book launch. If you are serious about giving your life a shake up and building something you truly desire, come to the three day seminar.

I look forward to seeing you at either event.

Warm regards

Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy 

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