Monday, 20 August 2018

What Could You Do With A Million Bubbles?

What Could You Do With A Million Bubbles?

I am thrilled to be working with Peter Merrett from the House of Wonderful to bring together a fantastic EXPERIENCE in Sydney.

Now this is where a usual post would bang on with sales copy and get you to sign up. Let me approach it differently.
If you are after an amazing interactive experience in Sydney on Thursday September 13th, then click on the image above to find out more and get your ticket.
It will be an experience you will talk about for ages!

OK - no more sales.

Let me quickly chat about why this event and this opportunity stood out for me and how you may shift your events because of it.
The event is focussed on customer experience and I think as someone who has hosted and attended many events, the experience is beginning to feel the same. Have you ever been shopping and wondered, "am I in Myer, David Jones or Kmart?"

Yes the venues are a little different but the EXPERIENCE is all the same.

How many events have you been too that are along this line:

  • Welcome
  • CEO Welcome
  • Amazing Speaker 1
  • Inhouse Speaker 1
  • Morning Tea
  • Breakout sessions
  • Lunch
  • Amazing Speaker 2
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Inhouse Speaker 2
  • Inhouse Speaker 3
  • Closing
  • Drinks
They are barely memorable.

It is a balance between Education and Entertainment. We are now of the age that if we are not entertained, we will whip out our mobile phone to check emails, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp or eBay. We are still paying attention (sort of) but if we are not entertained, or inspired our brain moves on.

With the hosting work I am doing, this has had me continuing to raise the bar. From turning the delegates into a choir (sounds good when there are 500 people singing and laughing), to connecting with the delegates by making up some funny jokes with and about them on the spot, to getting ideas from the audience and turning it into poetry as a bit of a poetry slam - it is amazing the things that can happen.

For one client we turned their IT briefing to their clients into a Graham Norton style interview panel. I must confess that one went from Boring to Boinnnggg quite well.

Now some people think that if it is too much fun then the delegates or audience are not learning. That is simply not true. Laughter opens the mind, keeps people focussed and makes the experience more memorable.

So Dear-Reader how are your events and your interactions?
As an attendee or organiser, what are you doing to fire them up?
How can you get a Million Idea Bubbles popping for your clients and delegates?

If you are looking for ideas on how to make your customer service and customer experience POP, join us in Sydney so we can show you what to do with a million bubbles. (Oooops... a final sell!!)
Head to A Million Bubbles for more information and to register.

See you there!

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