Monday, 5 December 2011

Do You Live?

Kung Fu
Whew!! What a weekend!

I don't know about you but this is what I got up to:
  • Friday night I looked after my brothers 3 kids (I even embarrassed them when we went to the supermarket!!), 
  • Saturday morning we made Chocolate Brownies, played basket ball and cruised on the scooters 
  • Saturday night Wifey and I went to Foo Fighters concert (3 hours of rock fabulosity), 
  • Sunday morning washing and domestic duties (a man's work is never done!), 
  • Sunday afternoon I was Santa for a friends Kung Fu school. A bit of Kung Fu Santa with 50 kids telling Santa what they wanted. Look at what one girl did!! Kicked me right in the Jingle Bells! 
  • Sunday night, Wifey and I went to a birthday dinner for a friend at a lovely Thai restaurant. 
When someone asked on Farcebook "What did you do on the weekend" that is what I told them. They said, "Wow you were really busy". I have to admit it didn't feel it at the time but I suppose that is a fair bit. Personally, I like Bon Jovi's approach when he sings "I'll live while I'm alive and sleep when I'm dead".

Comic legend Mel Brooks is quoted as saying “If you're alive, you've got to flap your arms and legs, you got to jump around a lot, you got to make a lot of noise, because life is the very opposite of death. And therefore, as I see it, if you're quiet, you're not living. You've got to be noisy, or at least your thoughts should be noisy, colourful and lively.”

In essence, life is for doing things and enjoying all that is on offer. 

So what about you Do You Live?

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