Monday, 13 February 2012

How Are Your Reflexes?

Can you twist, turn and flip when you need to?

Last week I was riding my motorbike to a client site for some mentoring (yes my motorbike is my company vehicle! Yay!) On the way two people nearly killed me and a police officer nearly scared me to death.

The two drivers didn’t mean to kill me, they just changed lanes without looking properly. It’s easy to do, I have done it myself. Fortunately, every time I go out on the bike I expect someone to do this so I am hyper vigilant. In both occasions I could quickly twist the bike out of harm’s way.

The police scared me because he sounded his siren for a burst. I knew he was behind me but I didn’t notice the unmarked police car to his left. He was basically saying “hello” to his mate, police style. As soon as I saw the unmarked car I knew I had nothing to worry about.

Running or working in a business is the same. You have to be alert (but not alarmed) for things that may cause damage to your business or cause you to go in another direction. When you detect these you need to be willing to quickly change direction. You also need to be alert for things that sound and look like they need a reaction, but don’t.

So how are your reflexes? Can you twist, turn and flip in your business when you need to?

Picture: My bike on a trip to Canberra 

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