Monday, 20 February 2012

Is Your Body Where It Needs to Be?


The late, great Kevin Merry (my Dad - the one on the right) often said to me, “sometimes your body just has to be there whether you want to go or not.” Usually he was talking about funerals, wedding, celebrations and events where you could choose to go or not.

That message always stuck with me. It was reinforced when I missed one of my best friend’s wedding – a decision I will always regret (Sorry Simon).

But I am one who learns from mistakes. So this week Wifey and I are at her friend’s wedding. It is an Indian wedding in India. In fact, it is a Punjabi Sikh wedding so that means 4 days of celebration spread over a week. I have even grown a beard for the occasion to go with my turban!

Three weeks out of my business this early in the year was not really what I had planned. It has set me back on a few things but Wifey and I decided that our bodies had to be here. The bridal couple are fabulous people, it will be an amazing cultural experience, we get to spend a little extra time enjoying the delights of India and I don’t have to shave for a month. So many great reasons to be here. If I really wanted, I could come up with many why it would be better to be at home.

Sometimes your body just has to be there.

Image: My father in law and father at Wifey and my wedding in 2007

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