Thursday, 8 July 2010

Challenge Update - Don't Put It Off!

So far so good.  

I have been drinking the water, doing the classes, doing push ups in the comfort of my own home and even doing extra exercise!!

Little observation though, skipping is way harder than I first thought.  I need to do an additional 1/2 hr of exercise each day so I thought I would do skipping.  Just step out the back and away you go.  After about 2 minutes I was ready to collapse!!  It is tough work.  It is a full on cardio work out and makes your calves hurt for days after.  I only got to 10 minutes and I had to stop.

One thing I will say is, don't put things off.  It is too easy to say, "I will do those push ups later, maybe after I get home from choir practice".  I knew if I put them off, they would not get done.  Plus I then got the benefit of knowing when I got home, I could just relax and not have to do stupid exercises.

You could say the same for things that come up every day.  It is so easy to say, "I'll call them later, I will email soon, I will do that after...."  It is usually not until the end of the day that you realise everything that you have put off is now teetering in a tower of to do notes right in front of you.  If a task will only take 5 minutes you are better off doing it now versus spending the same 5 minutes postponing it and scheduling time in your diary.

Still looking for the endorphin kick.  Let me know if you find any!


Warwick Merry
The Sweat More Guy!!

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