Monday, 26 July 2010

It is Fantasy of Planning?

I bought some tickets in the Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lottery last week.  It is not something I have done before.  Like many people, I will by a $2 or $5 raffle ticket here or there but it is rare to spend $100 or more on a ticket. I just figured I have 1 chance in 26 of winning a prize and 1 chance in 80,000 of winning the grand prize.  Those are far better odds than Tattslotto (1 chance in over 8 million) and the money goes to a good cause.

Discussing the prizes with Wifey, we started planning what we would do when we won the Aston Martin Vantage (she likes Aston Martins).  Which of the other cars would we sell, where would be park it, where would we drive it and that kind of thing.  It struck me, is it fantasy or is it good planning.

It's a bit of both really.  In the same way when you are planning a new business venture, you need to consider some of the finer points and put yourself in the position of achieving what you want.  It gets the mind ready for it and you will already know how to deal with the situation happening.  Yes it is a bit of fantasy, but it is planning for what your hard work will bring about.

Where do you need to do some more of this kind of planning?


PS  Doesn't it look sweet??

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