Monday, 5 July 2010

Need a Challenge?

Everyone loves a challenge (or so the saying goes).  I am just about to start the Step Into Life Winter Challenge.  Let me explain.....

First we need to back track a little.  Some of you may know that I am a generously proportioned individual (code for carries too much body fat).  What makes it worse is that I am not a fan of sport or exercise.  I know my lifestyle is very sedentary, but I just couldn't face a gym full of lycra covered beautiful people (and that's just the guys!).  A friend of mine, Super Steph, suggested I do Step Into Life which is group personal training outdoors.

So for the past 16 months I have been running around like an idiot at really early hours of the day because it is in the best interest of my body.  Apparently some endorphins will kick in soon and make me feel fantastic, but I am still waiting!!  As part of this foolishness (which also lets me talk for an hour and tell stupid jokes because I know the others are not going anywhere so I have a trapped audience) they have a Winter Challenge.

For 6 weeks we have to do extra things.  As much as I don't want to, I have to.  I know my body needs it and now I am part of the legendary team 4 and I don't want to let them down.
This weeks challenges are:
  • Do an additional 30 mins of exercise every day (and that is not Jumping to Conclusions!)
  • Be in bed by 10pm
  • Drink 2 litres of water a day (this is tough so I use soda water - Bubbles! Yay)
  • Do daily pushups starting at 10 and adding 5 every day.
  • Turn up to the sessions I said I would
As you can see, it is not too challenging but when it is 4 degrees C you need a little something extra to get you up and going.

Want to join the challenge?  My theory is why suffer alone.  If you want to do something fabulous for yourself, join me on the challenge.  Just do the top 4 things every day and see how you go.

I'll keep you updated on my progress and I hope you let me know how you go too!



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